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The PDBbind database version 2014 is just released (09/22/2014)

Dear researchers,

Here we announce a new release of the PDBbind database, i.e. version 2014. The PDBbind database aims at providing a comprehensive collection of experimentally measured binding affinity data for all biomolecular complexes deposited in the Protein Data Bank. The PDBbind database was released to the public for the first time in May 2004. It is now updated annually to keep up with the growth of the Protein Data Bank.

This release, i.e. version 2014, provides binding affinity data for a total of 12,995 biomolecular complexes in PDB, including protein-ligand (10,656), nucleic acid-ligand (87), protein-nucleic acid (660), and protein-protein complexes (1,592). Binding affinity data included in this release have increased by 20% as compared to the last one. All binding data are curated from original references rather than cited from other data resources. Besides binding affinity data, we also provide processed structural files for the protein-ligand complexes included in PDBbind, which can be readily utilized by many current molecular modeling software.

The PDBbind version 2014 is available on the PDBbind-CN web server at http://www.pdbbind-cn.org/. The basic information of each complex, including binding data, is accessible without the need of registration. Registration is necessary only if the user wants to use the advanced services on this web site or to download data package. Registration is free of charge for all academic and commercial/industrial users. More than 2,500 users from over 40 countries have already registered to use this database.

Your comments are always helpful for us to improve this database into a more useful resource.

Best regards,

The PDBbind team@Prof. Renxiao Wang's group
State Key Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shanghai, P. R. China

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